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About Us

The musicians

Live Band:

James Pace Guitar, Vocals

Chuck Fretless Bass, Digital and Subsonic

Zil Fessler Drums, Percussion

Donte Blow Drums

Mark Brown Hammond B3

Studio Band:

Michael Leasure Drums & Percussion

Johnny Griparic Bass, Chains and PULL

Ted Greenberg Drums

Jay Davidson Hammond B3 

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/jamespaceband/

Our history

Born on  the Asbury Park circuit, reinvigorated in  the City of Angels with the City of B-love in between.

Our sound

Original music that focuses on the sounds of 1968-75; Influenced by Hendrix, Cream, Brothers Johnson, James Brown - Vintage Fender Strat tones into a burly Marshall...